Alfie Deyes is sick of YouTube drama!

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Its probably best to start this post by saying Alfie Deyes otherwise known as the man behind the hugely successful YouTube channel known as PointlessBlog amongst his secondary channels (main channel found here) is not the only one sick of Youtube drama as it has been a topic which has been bubbling for quite a while and is now on the verge of boiling over. The so called “Drama” is reported by three main YouTube news channels Philip DeFranco, Scarce and DramaAlert although I’m sure there are many more reporting such news. Each of these channels have their own style of reporting the news and some are more controversial than others (no names here ;-)).

I’m not saying what is being reported by these channels is false (sometimes they make mistakes like all of us) but rather that the titles and thumbnails can sometimes be misleading to some people and help create negative impressions of youtubers. YouTube is rife with clickbait titles these days and of course these channels are no exception because whether you like it or not clickbait = more views which naturally leads to more £$. The majority of youtubers create clickbait titles in order to maximize their potential and to keep up with fellow youtubers. Essentially in my opinion they don’t do it because they want to, they do it because they have to and I’m not sure I’d begrudge them for that.

Alfie tweeted his thoughts on the whole drama situation including the hashtag started by fouseyTUBE yesterday in his video on the subject of drama and it must be said that his points are valid.

Alfie is indeed sick of YouTube drama.