Why KSI does more good than bad

Gaming, Music, Sport

In the unlikely event that you don’t know who KSI it is best to start this post by making it known that he is an extremely popular Youtuber and rapper from England (his main Youtube channel has over 10 million subscribers). To say he is controversial would be a slight understatement and I’m sure he’d be the first to admit he’s acted poorly and done wrong in the past that but this is a short piece on why in my opinion he currently does more good than bad. 

Lets start with two of the things which people deem enough to dislike him (he has way more fans than haters but still has lots of the latter).

His Ego

No matter the field whether it be youtubers, sport stars, movie stars or music artists the majority of the successful individuals have egos, its just a part of life. If you pick a selection of famous athletes or actors/actresses the majority of them will have some sort of ego. That is not to say there isn’t humble athletes or movie stars its just there will always be more people in these fields with egos than there is without them. The same applies to youtubers and egos shouldn’t be a stick to beat these people with as in all likelihood said people over the course of their careers or lives will do much more good than bad (such as the charity football match KSI was apart of recently). Unfortunately todays society pays much more attention to the bad than good.

Bottom line is people with egos have egos because they are successful, we might not want them to have them but you have to respect people who make something of themselves.

His Wealth

If you are familiar with KSI you are probably familiar with his Lamborghini. A lot of people think youtubers don’t deserve such luxuries but the reality is youtubers are like the celebrities of the internet and their influence in many cases exceeds the influence of sports and movie stars etc. The wealth of youtubers like KSI is the by product of their hardwork and maybe they shouldn’t flaunt these luxuries but its their lives and in fact anyone can try a career in making youtube videos although many will find its easier said than done.

The Good

Not many people think about the positive effect youtube videos have on peoples lives, everyone goes through tough times and many youtubers like KSI produce content which provides a welcome distraction for people who have other difficulties in their lives. Now I don’t claim to know any of the behind the scenes stuff involving KSI where he may or may not be a good guy but from an outsiders point of view the effect his content has on people which can be gauged by the number of likes on his videos or the number of views they get it does seem that he provides a lot more good than wrong if that makes sense. The point I touched on earlier highlighting that his content may provide a welcome distraction for people with negative issues in their lives is perhaps the most important thing to note. In my book that is doing more good than bad.