Russian YouTuber Sokolovsky Faces 5 Year Jail Time After Playing Pokemon Go In A Church


A Russian YouTube star Sokolovsky faces 5 years in jail after playing Pokémon Go in a church. The law that might put him in prison is the same one Pussy Riot got jail time for. The law prohibits, “incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as abasement of human dignity.” You can read more about it here.

After Russian television warned Pokémon Go players not to play the game in churches because they could face prison time, Sokolovsky decided to challenge that law and is seen in his video saying, “For me, this is total bullshit, because who can ever be offended by you walking around in a church with your smartphone? Why the fuck would they lock you up for that? That’s why I decided to actually go play Pokémon Go in a church. I think this is safe and not prohibited by law.” After that, he proceeded to go into a church and played the popular game.

After he posted that video, Sokolovsky got detained by the police and is now facing 5 years in jail because he is accused of inciting hatred and insulting religion. It seems that his attitude is what got him detained, not the actual playing of the game. As Orthodox Church spokesperson Vladimir Legoyda said, it’s his deliberate provocation that is the problem.

Amnesty international has called for the release of the YouTube Star stating, “The absurdity of the case of the Russian blogger jailed for playing Pokemon Go in a church highlights what happens when authorities hold the freedom of expression in such low regard.”

Members of the Pussy Riot also offered support for the YouTuber and a hashtag #FreeSokolovsky also emerged. Many people are outraged about the whole situation and have been offering their support to Sokolovsky.

The outcome of this story is still unknown, but we’ll keep you updated.