Vloggers Bry And Candice Don’t Want To Be Called YouTubers Anymore

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Being a YouTuber star is something a lot of young people today strive for. It all seems so fun – making your videos, talking about things you’re passionate about, having a large audience and of course, making money from your videos. But Bry and Candice open up about the struggles and downsides of being a YouTube star.

Bry, a UK singer-songwriter, and his wife, Candice, are the creators of Bry and Candice YouTube channel. They became YouTube stars, sharing their life with thousands of followers. It all seems so perfect – they got more than a hundred thousand followers, great careers and they’re doing what they like. But in a recent video, Bry and Candice opened up about the struggles of being YouTuber stars and not wanting to be perceived as YouTubers anymore.

Bry had a lot of problems with his music career because of YouTube and being perceived as a YouTuber. “From the beginning, I was strongly advised to distance myself completely from YouTube, and to stop being perceived as a ‘YouTuber’, Bry admits. “Thus began my dilemma – I didn’t want to be perceived as a YouTuber, but I can’t stop making videos!” said Bry. “To stop YouTubing altogether would be this horrific goodbye to this lovely platform we have, and it would be so sad”.

They also talk about having money issues and the difficulties of being a YouTuber while you’re unemployed and out there looking for jobs. “The money generated from these videos every week goes to a wonderful Irish cancer charity. However, sometimes we wish that not all of it went to charity every month.”

Bry and Candice also talk about negative comments and reviews they’ve encountered and how that affects them. And although, they’re grateful for everything YouTube has done for them, they still have some hesitations about being ‘YoutTube’ stars. So it appears it’s not as easy being famous on YouTube as it might seem and you should definitely think twice before getting into it.