YouTube Star Davey Wavey Breaks Up With His Boyfriend After 2.5 Years


Less than a year ago, a famous YouTuber Davey Wavey talked about being in an open relationship in his YouTube video. And just one month ago, Davey finally introduced us to his boyfriend, sharing a video from the Stockholm pride. But unfortunately, Davey Wavey and his 21-year-old boyfriend Jake Arman broke up after a 2.5-year relationship.

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Davey Wavey spoke about his breakup in a heartfelt video. “After 2 and a half years of dating and challenging each other in growth, my boyfriend and I decided to transform our relationship into something different, I guess, which is a nice way of saying that we broke up.”

Davey Wavey didn’t say exactly why they broke up, but it seemed that they had some relationship problems from the past that they just couldn’t resolve. Davey took the chance to offer some relationship advice to his fans, saying they shouldn’t distance themselves from their partners, even in the hard times.

“Think about the last time you were hurt by your partner, how did you respond in that situation? And I think the most of us, the honest answer is that we pulled out, we distanced ourselves from our partner. Imagine if instead of distancing yourself from your partner, you connected with your partner. So instead of pulling back, if you leaned in, if you cuddled or kissed or connected with your partner in some way, I promise you that you feel better every single time!”

Some fans felt disappointed because they took the breakup as a proof open relationships just don’t work. One fan said, “I love you Davey but this is what happens when you have an open relationship.”

But is this fair? We don’t know the real reason why Davey Wavey and his boyfriend broke up; maybe they had issues unrelated to their open relationship. Another fan said, “Monogamy has its own issues. Being with only one person can be amazing… Or it can be terrible. Monogamy doesn’t work for some people (I like to call the people who try it over and over again “serial monogamists”), and it does work for others. If Davey had an open relationship, so be it. That doesn’t mean that that’s what broke them up. It could be a series of things, incompatibilities and discrepancies in desire and willingness to give or compromise. Or something else. We have no context, and therefore no clue.”

You can watch Davey Wavey’s breakup video below or visit his main YouTube channel and his second channel.