YouTuber Creates A Heartfelt Video Called “I AM UGLY”

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Famous YouTuber Rachel who usually makes entertaining, carefree videos, has surprised her followers with a powerful, heartfelt video that talks about dealing with your flaws.

In “I AM UGLY”, we see Rachel pointing out all of her flaws. My dark circles are way too dark. “My lips are literally so small, my nose is so big and my eyebrows are so bushy.” She looks sad, anxious and not confident at all. We are all guilty of questioning our looks, comparing ourselves to others and not feeling beautiful, especially women.

Then a little girl shows up that represents Rachel when she was younger. The little girl confronts her, “I’m you when you were little. You said my dark circles were too dark, my nose is too big, my lips are too small and my eyebrows were too bushy. What else is wrong with me, Rachel?”

At that moment, everything changes; Rachel just can’t say those things to her younger self. “There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re beautiful!” And the little girl says to Rachel, “Then why can’t you say that to yourself?”

This video touches on some very important problems women deal with throughout their lives. We’re a constantly worried we’re not good enough or that our flaws make us ugly. This is a good reminder that we’re all unique and beautiful in our own way and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people and to just be happy and confident with who we are.

“I AM UGLY” video struck a chord with many of Rachel’s viewers and many of them saw themselves in it. One person said, “I’ve been so judgmental about myself even when I was little. I wish I could tell younger me that I was beautiful.”

There are also some heartfelt comments from the guys, which is very important, since women often think they have to be perfect to get a guy to like them. “As a guy, I can see the tremendous pressure that our society has put on women. The expectation is so high to look “pretty”. Don’t pay attention to that, ladies, stay strong and know that we are all unique and beautiful.”

So don’t give in to the pressure and silly expectations society puts on you. The last sentence in the video said all, “If you wouldn’t say it to yourself when you were little, then why would you say it to yourself now?”