Youtubers to team up with ActionAid to raise awareness for FGM


FGM or female genital mutation is an issue that hasn’t received the awareness it deserves or needs. Over 200 million girls or women in 30 countries worldwide have have undergone FGM mostly due to religious beliefs in counties such as Kenya, India and even England. However the procedure can lead to chronic pain, infertility, infections and complications during childbirth which is why it remains a serious issue. According to a recent study done by ActionAid UK only a third of British people are aware of the effects which are associated with the procedure. To raise further awareness ahead of the cutting season in Kenya where girls as young 5 are at risk ActionAid have teamed up with youtubers and other celebrities to bring the problem to the mainstream.

According to their website ActionAid is a “global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.”

Further to this they also say “We help people fight for their rights. Simple things like the right to eat, the right to stay on their land, the right to an education and the right to have a say in the decisions that shape their lives. We listen to what people really want and need. We help communities take action together, to hold their governments to account, and we give local organisations our support where they need it. Together, we’re making a lasting difference.”